Richard Brhel of placepeep shared a great quote the other day on Startup School. He saw the quote on a poster years ago when he was helping a digitization effort in Ohio. I had never seen this exact quote before so wanted to transcribe it for the web.

In 1851 an instructor named Ezekiel G. Folsom incorporated a college in Ohio called Folsom’s Mercantile College. Folsom’s taught bookkeeping, banking, and “Railroading”, amongst other things.

The image above is a screenshot of an 1850’s poster promoting the college. The poster includes a motto (which I boxed in green) that I think is great guidance: “Integrity and Perseverance in Business ensure success”.

Guess who went to Folsom’s and presumably saw this poster and was influenced by this motto? John D. Rockefeller.

Published 2/09/2020